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Full Service Design Studio
Bespoke Interior Design, Styling & Space Planning
Color Design, Interior & Exterior
Kitchen & Bath Design
Sourcing, Procurement & Installation of Furniture & Decor
Lighting Design
Specifying of All Fixtures, Materials & Finishes
Floor Plans & Furniture Layout
Art Consultation & Curation
Millwork Design
Renovation Consultation

Stella is an interior designer specializing in creating elevated and bespoke interiors that provide comfort, inspiration, and personal expression for her clients. With a background in fine art, costume design, and styling, stella bridges art and environment by approaching living spaces as a painting, and creating a uniquely balanced vision of space, color, and composition. Working with clients in finding their personal expression often means developing a haven of familiar pieces that hold their treasured stories, such as the intrigue of a rug carried back from morocco, or a silver vase found at a parisian flea market. Other projects begin with the blank canvas of a fresh space and progress through stella’s ability to sensitively listen to the client’s needs and desires as well as the rooms themselves, as she builds interiors piece-by-piece, color-by-color, texture-to-texture. From the wall colors to furniture placement, down to the still life of the favorite hat hanging on the coat hook, stella sees an interior as a visual world, rich with texture and life, all to be considered as aesthetic elements. as an interior designer stella never imposes a formula, but works in collaboration, finding the narrative and developing an individual environment that is rich in character. From eccentric to the classic, stella works with the eclectic pieces to create a harmonious living space.

Stella has served clients from Montana, the West Coast, to the Southwest.